At naturalization ceremonies, it will now be possible to add your name to the voter lists

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has updated its Policy Manual to clarify and enhance voter registration procedures at administrative naturalization ceremonies. The revised guidance affirms that voter registration services will be made accessible at each ceremony and outlines coordination measures with governmental and non-governmental organizations. A new Form N-401 has also been introduced to standardize participation from non-governmental agencies in these ceremonies. The changes are effective immediately and aim to promote access to voting in alignment with Executive Order 14019.

Voter Registration Services at Every Ceremony: The updated guidance clearly states that USCIS will provide voter registration services at each administrative naturalization ceremony, including offering information on voting and voter registration points-of-contact.

Collaboration with State and Local Officials: USCIS offices will request that state or local government election officials attend these ceremonies to directly handle voter registration applications and officially register new citizens to vote.

Non-Governmental Organization Involvement: In situations where state and local election officials are unavailable, USCIS will coordinate with non-partisan, non-governmental organizations to offer voter registration services. Form N-401 has been introduced for these organizations to request participation in ceremonies.